Choose the Right Pen Name

Yes, it’s very easy to choose the wrong pen name and of course, I had to find that out the hard way. I picked what I thought was a lovely name, it flowed nicely together and even had family ties. I pictured the name on the cover of my first novel spread tall and wide across the bottom. Skye Gray. I established a web domain, twitter feed and facebook account. It wasn’t until I went to the Algonkian Retreat & Writers Workshop that I realized I had made a huge mistake. The leader of the program asked why I’m using the pen name Skye Gray and writing Suspense/Thrillers? I never thought about the name and how it worked with the genre I write. Right away I understood what he was saying, Skye Gray is great if you’re writing Romance or Erotica but not Suspense. I needed to come up with a name that was intriguing, interesting, captivating, curious. Welcome, Selah Gray (pronounced Say-lah).